Comedil CTL 400-24

Tower Crane Information

Comedil CTL 400-24 Crane Overview and Specifications

Official Manufacturer Model Name: Comedil CTL 400-24

The Comedil CTL 400 – 24 is a luffing jib tower crane with a modular design, Terex CTL luffing jib tower cranes are designed to work together in a wide variety of configurations efficiently and safely. Setting up the crane is quick, it features economical-yet powerful motors providing high lifting capacity. This tower crane has a max lift capacity of 24 metric tons (26.45 U.S. tons), the jib reaches out to a max. of 60 m (196.85 ft). The lifting capacity at maximum length is 4.9 metric tons (5.4 U.S. tons).

The Terex CTL 400 – 24 comes with (1) 110 AWL 120 LLC hoist drive system using a 258 kVA connection, (1) luffing winch, and (1) service winch. The slewing drive on this crane is an SCC 2 2 132 which gives it excellent maneuverability and high precision. Perfect for any job site, equipped with (1) 2 falls line hoist block and a (1) 4 falls line hoist block to carry heavy loads in various radius distances.

With state of the art technology to maximize work efficiency and safety this crane comes with T‑Link, a cloud architecture service. T‑Link allows you to control your fleet data with intuitive analytics and live satellite imaging. It’s easily accessible on any mobile device or PC. Terex tower cranes are compatible with T‑Lift, a fast, safe, and durable crane lift. T‑lift can hold up to two people with a max. lifting height of 160 m (480 ft) and operable in all weather conditions. Easy to install and use, it maximizes work efficiency and built with galvanized steel it’s built to last. For safety, T‑Lift has a gear motor with manual brake release, an overload safety system, and overspeed safety brake.

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