Comedil CTL 430

Tower Crane Information

Comedil CTL 430 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Terex/​Comedil CTL 430 is a luffing top tower crane which sets up quickly, features economical-yet powerful motors providing high lifting capacity. This tower crane has a max lift capacity of 26 tons, a max. hook height with horizontal jib reaches out to 60 m (196.6 ft). The lifting capacity at maximum length is 6 tons. This crane has up to 8 working radii options ranging from 30 m to 65 m (213 ft.). Different heights and tower combinations are available as well.

The CTL 430 uses a 90 AFC 120 hoist drive system that utilizes a 224 kVA connection. The slewing drive on this crane is a RCC 2 2 132M which gives it excellent maneuverability and high precision. This Terex tower crane has two hoist winches, one with brake option and the other without; and also a luffing winch. The Terex/​Comedil CTL 430 features transfer mats which allow for a wide range of combinations using varying tower sections and upper parts help meet the exact needs of the job.

The CTL 430 is equipped with the EVO15 cabin, designed to allow the operator to work in comfort and with excellent visibility. The cabin has a designed ergonomic interior, designed specially by Terex to reduce fatigue, help with jobsite safety, and increase productivity. Indicators for load, wind speed, and height help keep the operator alert and both the operator and machine safe. With easy maintenance access and built-in safety features, energy and manual labor is kept to a minimum.

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