Demag AC 435

All-Terrain Crane Information

Max Cap 180 US Tons
Boom 42-164 ft

Demag AC 435 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Demag AC435 is a 180 ton powerhouse of an all-terrain crane. It has a maximum boom length of 164 feet and a maximum jib length of 101 feet.

The AC435 is unquestionably a leader in the all-terrain category because of its dedication to power. The 447 Horsepower Daimier-Benz OM 442 LA water-cooled 8‑cylinder diesel engine gives the AC435 the power to complete any job with ease. The telescoping 4 section boom, made with fine-grained structural steel, is manufactured with Demag’s signature ovaloid design, in order to maximize structural strength and limit failure.

While the AC435 is a force to be reckoned with because of its power, it does not compromise on its maneuverability. The transmission, a ZF Transmatik, has 16 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds, giving the operator ultimate control while the crane is mobile. The dual line air operated breaking system, integral with the transmission, includes a service break, a parking break, and a hydraulic retarder, acts on all wheels. This gives the operator even more power to control the crane. The steering system is a ZF dual-circuit semiblock mechanical system, with a hydraulic booster. All axles on the AC435 are hydro-pneumatically suspended and hydraulically blockable, allowing for smooth transport through the jobsite.

The cab of the AC435 Is made with comfort and safety in mind. The cab is made of steel and safety glass to protect the operator from structural failure and debris that the crane may come in contact with. The cab also includes a heater, which allows an operator to work in extreme conditions, finish jobs, and meet deadlines.

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