Demag AC 500-2

All-Terrain Crane Information

Demag AC 500-2 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Terex/Demag AC 500-2 is an all-terrain crane with a maximum lift capacity of 600 tons. The maximum height of the boom is 184 feet and the maximum jib height is 308 feet.

The carrier frame is a Demag-built special main frame of high strength, fine-grain structural steel with a pot-shaped center section and foldaway outrigger boxes. The outrigger system is made up of four points. The outrigger beams fold into and out of the frame with full hydraulic extension vertically and horizontally. An outrigger loading indicator is included; giving the operator the ability to know exactly when the outriggers are fully extended and other tasks can be completed.

The carrier engine is a water cooled, 8 cylinder, Tier III compliant DaimlerChrysler OM 502 LA rated at 653 horsepower. The superstructure, also constructed by DaimlerChrysler is the OM 906 LA model, and is rated at 279 horsepower.

The transmission system is an Allison type CT 755. This transmission comes with an electronic transmission controller, a torque converter, and a hydraulic retarder. Dual circuit semiblock mechanical steering, paired with a hydraulic booster, give the operator the ability to easy maneuver the Terex AC 500-2 through the jobsite. The brake system is composed of a sustained action brake in the form of a constant decompression valve, an exhaust brake, and a hydraulic retarder integrated into the gearbox. The hydraulic system is powered by 5 hydraulic circuits. There are 4 main pumps for independent control movements, 1 pump for auxiliary circuits, and one control pump for the servo control.

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