Demag AC 700

All-Terrain Crane Information

Max Cap 800 US Tons
Boom 51-197 ft

Demag AC 700 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Demag AC 700 is a powerful all-terrain crane that breezes through heavy-duty projects. It has a max lift capacity of 772 tons (700 t), a 196.9 ft. (60 m) main boom max length, and a 118 ft. (36 m) max jib length.

It comes standard with superior boom technology that provides exceptional lifting capabilities which makes this behemoth the most powerful crane in the world that’s roadable with its full main boom. It’s all powered by a water-cooled 8‑cylinder DaimlerChrysler diesel OM 502 LA engine that produces up to 653 (480 kW), and a monstrous 172 gallon (650 l) gas tank.

The AC 700 also has a lot to offer when it comes to operator comfort. It comes with a rubber-mounted low-line cab which has two pneumatically suspended seats, ergonomically designed controls (which minimize operator fatigue), air conditioning, and clearly arranged instrumentation and carrier controls.

As powerful as the AC 700 already is, there are several options available to increase its already impressive capabilities. These include: a superlift attachment, main boom extension, an additional 66 ton (60 t) counterweight, a fixed or Luffing jib, an additional jack leg, and an independent rear axle steering system.

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