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Demag CC2800

The Terex/Demag CC 2800 Lattice Boom Crawler Crane has a 660 ton lifting capacity with a maximum boom length of 275 feet, and up to 591 feet with a luffing fly jib extension. This crane offers a variable superlift radius and main boom offsets for SW and SWSL luffing jib configurations. It has an especially simple assembly, and an improved setup which allows shorter rigging times. The CC 2800 also incorporates Quadro-Drive and Demag’s advanced IC-1 LCD touchscreen crane control system.

Demag currently produces the Demag CC 2800-1, which adds new features and upgrades over the previous model. There is also a Narrow Track option, the CC 2800-1 NT, which allows this crane to be transported on narrow roads. Bigge crane is an authorized Terex/Demag dealer. Contact us at (510) 639-4041 for more information.


Maximum Capacity 660 tons
Max Main Boom Length 275 feet
Max Main Boom with Extension 591 feet
Models CC2800, CC2800-SL, CC2800-1, CC2800-1 SL, CC2800-1 NT

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