Goldhofer PST/SL-E

Platform Trailer Information

Goldhofer PST/SL-E Crane Overview and Specifications

The Goldhofer PST/SL‑E is an electronic steered & self-powered self-propelled trailer, similar to a Goldhofer PST/SL but without mechanical connections.

The PST/SL‑E was created to be the safest trailer for the most extreme loads with features such as extremely high bending torque (offering greater than 90 degree turning capabilities) , power reserves for abrupt situations during the project, additional load lifting point and a safe loading concept for simplified mobilization. The PST/SL‑E was designed with an extremely robust vehicle frame, electronic synchronization, and various combination possibilities.

Bigge carries over 250 Goldhofers in every configuration that are now available for bare lease.

If you are interested in learning more about the Goldhofer PST/SL-E, please contact one of Bigge’s sales professionals at 1 (888) 897-2444.