Greenfield W3-217A

Crane Dolly Information

Greenfield W3-217A

Max Cap 0 US Tons

This 2016 Greenfield W3-217A is a widespread 3‑axle boom dolly, critical for moving cranes from the yard to the job legally and safely. Boom dollies are important because of their ability to move crane parts in a smaller, safer, and more cost-effective way. Behind the scenes, boom dollies make it cheaper to transport large parts to and from the job site.

The frame of this W3 is made of tubular construction — with an articulating third axle frame. The axles are SAF Holland 77.5″ Track Axles with air ride suspension, the suspension is SAF Holland RL-230 – 12 with an axle/​suspension rating (GAWR) of 10.2 metric tons (11.25 US tons). When backing up you have the option of using the third axle locking pin.

For transporting, this boom dolly comes equipped with a bolt-on single tower to fit Liebherr LTM1220 boom section, the upper tower rocker stays horizontal (leveled with ground). A“OVERSIZE LOAD” sign on rear of dolly can be used once in transport. 

For additional information about optional equipment/​features about the Greenfield W3-217A, please contact us for details. Our Bigge representatives are on standby for any assistance or questions.