Grove GMK4080

All-Terrain Crane Information

Max Cap 88 US Tons
Boom 36-167 ft

Grove GMK4080 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Grove GMK4080 is a powerful all-terrain crane with a host of impressive features. It has an 88 ton (80 t) max lift capacity, 167 ft. (51 m) maximum main boom length, and a 68.9 ft. (21 m) max jib length.

It comes standard with a Turbocharged and water-cooled six-cylinder Mercedes-Benz type OM501LA diesel engine which produces up to 389 (290 kW) and a ZF-AS TRONIC automatic transmission system.

The load moment and independent anti-two block system provides electronic displays of a host of parameters like boom radius, height, length, tip maximum permissible load, relative load moment, and load indicators. The GMK4080 also comes with an advanced control interface that gives the operator full electronic control of all crane movements thanks to electrical control levers which are integrated with the LMI and engine management system by the CAN-BUS.

The 20 degree, tiltable aluminum cab of the 4080 gives the operator full vision and it’s equipped with safety glass, drive/​steer controls, and ergonomically designed crane controls. It also features an engine-dependent heater and controls integrated into the armrest. The electronics are all powered by the standard 24-volt electric system.

Each wheel on the 4080 comes standard with an individual MEGATRAK® hydropneumatic suspension system with hydraulic lockout. For those looking to get more out of the 4080, there are several optional features available like an electric driveline retarder and an engine-independent hot water heater with an engine-dependent pre-heater.

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