Grove GMK5250L

All-Terrain Crane Information

Max Cap 300 US Tons
Boom 41-230 ft

Grove GMK5250L Crane Overview and Specifications

The Grove GMK5250L is an all-terrain crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 300 tons. It has a maximum boom length of 230 feet and a maximum jib length of 69 feet.

The grove team focused on power when creating the GMK5250L. The boom is a seven section TWIN-LOCK boom. The TWIN-LOCK system ensures that locks will remain when faced with vibrations or shifting loads. The Mercedes-Benz 532 horsepower OM471LA diesel engine has six cylinders, is water cooled, and is Turbocharged. Pairing this engine with the Mercedes G 280 16 speed transmission with VIAB, the crane can move around the jobsite and complete lifts with ease and maximum control.

The VIAB system takes the place of a retarder and turbo coupling. It enables wear free starting, reduces fuel consumption by 30% of its predecessor, and avoids overheating. These features keep the crane out of the shop and on the jobsite, and also save money that would be used on fuel, all while being more compact than a separate retarder and turbo coupling unit.

The cab is equipped with all of the amenities and safety features a modern crane needs. Aluminum and fiber reinforced plastic make up the frame of the cab, keeping the frame strong but also lightweight. CraneSTAR sends information to the operator to increase profitability and efficiency of the crane. The cab also features numerous amenities to operators mind at the job at hand.

If you are interested in learning more about the Grove GMK5250L, please contact one of Bigge’s sales professionals at 1 (888) 897-2444.