Grove RT635C

Rough Terrain Crane Information

Grove RT635C

Max Cap 35 US Tons
Boom 34-105 ft
Engine Detrolt Diesel 8.2L

The Grove RT635C is a solid hydraulic crane for projects that require maneuverability in rough terrains. It has a max lift capacity of 38.5 tons (35 t), a max main boom length of 105 ft. (32 m), and a max jib length of 51 ft. (15.5 m). It’s powered by a Turbocharged, six-cylinder Cummins 6BT5.9 diesel engine which produces up to 152 (113 kW). It also comes with a decent-sized fuel tank which holds up to 60 lons (227 l).

It comes standard with a load moment and anti-two block system that provides visual and audio displays of parameters like the: relative load moment, maximum permissible load , load indication, boom angle, boom length, boom radius, and tip height. The RT635C also comes with a full lighting package that comes with head lights, tail lights, turn indicators, brake lights, and hazard warning lights.

The Grove RT635C features an all-steel fabricated cab that comes with acoustical lining and tinted safety glass. It also has a detailed dash panel (with gauges for engine functions), telescoping tilt wheel, an operator seat with armrest-integrated controls, a hydraulic oil heater, an opening skylight, a fire extinguisher, and, even, an ashtray.

For those looking to get a bit more out of this hydraulic crane, available options include: boom mounted worklights, a cab spotlight, an engine block heater, air conditioning, and a high-speed glide system.

To find out more about the many other options available for the Grove RT635C, give us a call at (510) 639‑4041.