Grove TMS500E

Truck Crane Information

Grove TMS500E

Max Cap 40 US Tons

The Grove TMS500E is a very capable hydraulic truck crane. It has a maximum lift capacity of 40 tons (36 t), a main boom max length of 95 ft. (29 m), and a max jib length of 45 ft. (14 m). It’s powered by an after-cooled and Turbocharged six-cylinder Cummins ISC300 diesel engine which generates 300 (224 kW) and a 60 gallon (227 L) fuel tank.

The box-section frame is made from alloy steel, and it comes with built-in essential outrigger housings and front/​rear towing and tie down lugs. The Grove TMS500E comes standard with a Work Area Definition System” that allows the operator to pre-select and define safe working areas. Audio-visual warnings then go off if the crane approaches the pre-set limits, minimizing the risk of jobsite accidents.

The vanized steel-fabricated cab comes standard with acoustical lining and tinted safety glass. It also comes with: an air adjustable seat, speedometer, voltmeter, hot water heater/​defroster, and a cab fan. All electronics are powered by the 12-volt electric system. The Grove TMS500E’s capabilities can be pushed even further with the utilization of the various options available like the heavy lift counterweight package.