Hercules F6000 SLS

Construction Hoist Information

Hercules F6000 SLS Crane Overview and Specifications

Official Manufacturer Model Name: Hercules F6000 SLS

The Hercules F6000 SLS is a construction hoist, an optimum transport solution for low rise, medium and high rise constructions projects. The maximum lifting height is 490 ft/​149 m. The max payload capacity is 3 US tons/2.72 metric tons (per car).

Equipped with a frequency control unit (FC) and using 480 V, 3 phase. The base weight for this hoist is 1200 lbs/​544 kg.

The design of F6000 SLS uses the frequency conversion drive to greatly reduce mechanical wear and tear on the elevator and its components. The frequency conversion makes it more efficient and uses less power, making the hoist operate smoother and prevents surging or jarring when stopping.

The safety features for this construction hoist come with an electronic and mechanical door interlock on elevator cars and a ground enclosure unit. An overload device is in place to prevent elevator operation when rated payload has been exceeded. Strong galvanized tower sections and tie-ins hold the hoist together. With spring buffer assembly and low-speed elevator speeds do not require counterweights.

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