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Kobelco CK1600G

The Kobelco CK1600G is a hydraulic crawler crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 145 metric tons (160 U.S. tons), a maximum crane boom length of 76m (250 ft.), and a fixed jib combination of: 60m (200 ft.) + 30m (100 ft.). The boom and jib attachments consist of welded lattice construction using tubular, high-tensile steel chords with pin connections between sections. Boom backstops and boom base catwalks come standard. Optional inserts and sheaves are available as well.

The CK1600G features a powerful Hino P11C-VC with fine control of fuel injection, ensuring high reliability, durability, and low fuel consumption. The engine is a vertical inline 6 cylinder with a turbocharger. It cranks out 363hp with a fuel tank that holds 400 liters to ensure high efficiency and long working hours. This Kobelco crane features an operating mode called “G Mode”, an exclusive energy and fuel saving system allowing the CK1600G to save up to 30% in fuel.

The full-vision cab has safety glass all around and is completely enclosed. The auxiliary controls and instruments are mounted on the side console. Fine inching control, freefall activation switches, and drum indicators are built into the levers for better control and operation of the crane. To ensure the machine is working at its full potential the crane has a Load Moment Indicator (LMI) integrated. The LMI gives the operator a full display of essential data. The CK1600G is made for reliable operation, convenient maintenance and easy transport.

For specific lengths and lifting capacity of the booms and jibs please reference the crane chart. To find out more about the Kobelco CK1600G, please contact us. ​


Maximum Lift Capacity 160 tons
Maximum Boom Length 250 feet
Maximum Jib Length 300 feet

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2018 Kobelco CK1600G-2
160.00 200 100 On Request
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2006 Kobelco CK1600G-2
160.00 200 100 $560,000
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