Kobelco CK2000G-3

Crawler Crane Information

Kobelco CK2000G-3 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Kobelco CK2000G‑3 is Kobelco’s reintroduction of its 200 Ton crawler crane into the market. This crane features a maximum boom length of 280 feet, with a jib extension of an additional 100 feet. This crane features the new Isuzu engine and complies with Tier 4 Final standards.

Like its other recent models, the CK2000G‑3 features G‑modes” to help with energy savings and functionality such as auto idle stop, an energy-saving winch control system, and the engine RPM limitation system. These features simultaneously help save on fuel costs while also reducing carbon emissions.

The crane has been redesigned to feature a more compact structure, larger cab design, LMI touch screen, counterweight detection device, and improved counterweight self-installation mechanism.

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