Kobelco CK2750 Series

Crawler Crane Information

Kobelco CK2750 Series

Max Cap 275 US Tons
Boom 50-300 ft
Jib 100 ft
Luffing Jib Available
Engine Isuzu 6UZ1


The Kobelco CK2750G crawler crane series has a max. capacity of 275 tons and a max. boom length of 300 ft, with a max fixed jib combination of 250 ft + 100 ft. Like all Kobelco cranes, it is designed from the ground up for reliable operation, convenient maintenance, and easy transport. This crane series is capable of performing all crane operations including load hoist, boom hoist, swing, propel and crawler extension/​extraction, free-fall, as well as counterweight and crawler frame installation and removal.

There are three models within the series: Kobelco CK2750G-II and Kobelco CK2750G-III

The Kobelco CK2750G and CK2750G-II is fabricated from high tensile steel and optimized using CAD technology for unmatched rigidity. Fully hydraulic, it excels in all crawler crane operations and can be easily transported in 4 trailers.

The Kobelco CK2750G-III is an upgraded version from the previous model with a slight difference in features. Designed with an innovative full hydraulic system, the CK2750G-III features an all welded, high tensile strength steel carbody, manufactured in a single piece using the latest CAD technologies for unmatched rigidity.

Kobelco cranes are some of the most reliable and efficient crawler cranes in the industry. Bigge is an official Kobelco dealer, and we carry a full line of Kobelco CK Series in our fleet. Contact us to learn more.

Models in this Series