Kobelco CK3300G-2

Crawler Crane Information

Kobelco CK3300G-2 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Kobelco CK3300G‑2 is a hydraulic crawler crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 299.37 metric tons (330 U.S. tons), a maximum crane boom length of 89.91 m (395 ft.), a fixed jib combination of 89.91 m (295 ft.) + 30.48 m (100 ft.). Kobelco has designed the structure of the G‑2 series making all models more compact and efficient loading and unloading for transportation. The G‑2 series cranes also have an improved counterweight self-installation mechanism, counterweights are stacked on the ground and lifted by vertical cylinders for installation.

The CK3300G‑2 features a high-power SCANIA DC13 084A engine series. The engine is a 6 cylinder, water-cooled, with direct fuel injection, and comes with a turbocharger. It cranks out 450 HP/ 2,100 rpm with a fuel tank that holds 600 liters to ensure high efficiency and long working hours. The fully hydraulic system makes it easier to operate the crane and other functions. It performs all crane operations including load hoist, boom hoist, swing and propel operations, free-fall, as well as counterweight, crawler frame installation and removal.

Kobelco’s innovative wet-type disc brake system provides quiet, dependable braking power. Multiple discs are self-adjusting and self-equalizing, minimizing maintenance requirements. Forced oil circulation keeps brake temperatures cooler during long, continuous operations and maximizes smooth brake operation.

For better machine and fuel efficiency, the G‑series come with G‑mode, exclusive energy, and fuel-saving system, up to 30% in fuel savings. The G‑Mode eliminates needless operations and engine functions allowing for reduced fuel consumption by using three basic modes that are all operator selectable. A new load moment indicator (LMI) provides hook height, wind speed, engine speed, display lamp of standard functions, gauges, over-swing prevention device, switches, and error messages. The cab is totally enclosed, the full-vision cab has safety glass all around. The controls consist of four adjustable levers for the front drum, rear drum, boom drum, and swing controls of the crane that are conveniently located in the cab.

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