Kobelco CKS800

Boom Truck Information

Kobelco CKS800

Max. Cap 88 US Tons
Boom 180 ft
Jib 60 ft
Engine 2349 TD2011 L04i

The Kobelco CKS800 is an excellent crane for projects that require maneuverability in tight spaces. It has a maximum lift capacity of 88 tons (80 t), a main boom max length of 180 ft. (55 m), and a max jib length of 60 ft. (18 m). It features a fully-enclosed, operator-friendly cab that is equipped with air conditioning, a cigarette lighter, a cup holder, a footrest, a sun visor, a wiper and window washer, ergonomic crane controls, and an adjustable operator’s seat.

It’s powered by a Turbocharged and after-cooled, four-cycled HINO J08E-VM engine which generates up to 286 (213 kW) and a 106-galgallon (400 L) fuel tank. The boom hoist system is driven by a hydraulic motor, through a planetary reducer, and it comes standard with a spring-set, multiple-disc brake which is mounted on the boom hoist system.

The Kobelco CKS800 also comes with a bunch of advanced cutting-edge safety features. Some of these include: a counterweight detection system that reduces errors when setting the counterweight, a one-way call system, an electronic monitor that gives the operator a clear view of areas that are hard to see from inside the cab, external alarms that go off when moving and swinging, and a function-lock lever to prevent accidental movements.

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