Liebherr 316 EC-H

Tower Crane Information

Liebherr 316 EC-H Crane Overview and Specifications

The Liebherr 316 EC‑H 12 is a stationary tower crane with up to 5 different configurations. This crane is bigger than its previous model the 280 EC‑H, with a maximum lift capacity of 12 metric tons. The horizontal jib has a maximum length of 70 m (230 ft). Different heights and tower combinations are available as well.

Three different configurations can form numerous combinations; a 290 HC tower, 550 HC tower, and the 630 EC‑H can be used separately or together. The maximum hook height is 96 m (315 ft.) and uses all three tower structures. Different counterweights are used depending on the length and height of the jib.

There is a submodel for this crane and it is the 316 EC‑H 12 Litronic. What makes it different from the EC‑H 12 is that it has two different operating modes, standard mode and heavy lifting mode. The jib length for this model is 75 m (246 ft.) and also uses the same tower structures as the EC‑H 12.

The hoist unit has a 3 speed gearbox with electromagnetic shifting and an Eddy current brake. The drive unit of the trolley is frequency controlled and swing/​traveling unit uses fluid coupling. The Liebherr 316 EC‑H 12 individual crane components can be transported in the order in which they are later assembled. Alternate tower configurations and rail traveling parts are available upon inquiry. It is highly recommended to use slab openings for assembly and dismantlement.

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