Liebherr 550 HC 20

Tower Crane Information

Liebherr 550 HC 20 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Liebherr 550 HC 20 is a freestanding tower crane with up to 3 different configurations. This crane has a maximum lift capacity of 20 metric tons (22 U.S. tons). The horizontal jib has a maximum length of 80.8 m (265 ft). Different heights and tower combinations are available as well.

Three different tower structures can form many combinations that is right for the job; a 550 HC tower, a 500 HC‑L tower, and the 630 EC‑H can be used separately or together. The maximum hook height reaches up to 93 m (305 ft.) and uses the 550 HC tower and 500 HC‑L tower. Certain heights differentiate depending whether it is on a concrete foundation or undercarriage, please reference chart for specifics. Different counterweights are used depending on the length and height of the jib.

The 500 HC 20 runs on 480 volts — 60 cycle with a 4 speed hoist unit. The crane comes standard with a tie in assembly, hydraulic bottom climbing and climbing unit. Depending on the job site and other factors, the installation of the tie in assemblies may vary due to project specific conditions. There are multiple driving units that come with the crane. There is a 2 part line trolley with 7.4 , a 2 part line trolley FC that has 14.7 , a swing unit with 2 x 14.2, and a traveling unit with 4 x 10 .

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