Liebherr 630 EC-H 50

Tower Crane Information

Liebherr 630 EC-H 50 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Liebherr 630 EC‑H 50 Litronic is a top slewing crane ideal for medium and large construction projects, such as commercial construction, as well as industrial plant construction. The maximum lift capacity of 50 metric tons (55 U.S. tons). The horizontal jib has a maximum length of 79.8 m (262 ft). A 550 HC and 630 EC‑H tower is used to reach a maximum hook height of 80 m (262 ft.). Further hoist heights and jib lengths as well as climbing inside the building is available upon request. Counterweights are used depending on the length and height of the jib.

The 630 EC‑H 50 has three hoisting units a 147 horsepower FU, and SD.shift units powered by either 87 or 147 . For safety measures the crane features Programmable Logic Controls (PLCs) and redundant safety monitoring systems allow the operator can change the operating mode to heavy lift mode to gain an additional lifting capacity of up to 20% by simply pushing a button. When using heavy lift mode the PLC limits the scope and speed of all functions so the total forces reacting on the structure are not exceeded.

All Liebherr tower cranes with Litronic have an electronic monitoring system that provide the controls, monitoring and displays for all crane functions. The EMS includes modules for load moment limiting, work area limiting and machine data analysis. The advantages of the EC‑H Litronic series is high-performance drives for high load capacities and intelligent control system which are equipped with auto load detection and micro-speed travel movement.

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