Liebherr LR 1400 SX

Crawler Crane Information

Max Cap 440 US Tons
Boom 203 ft
Luffing Jib N/A

Liebherr LR 1400 SX Crane Overview and Specifications

The Liebherr LR 1400 SX Crawler Crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 440 tons using a multi-functional boom system, with the main boom extending to a maximum length of 390 feet. The LR 1400 SX has several features that make it stand apart despite its size – including ease of transport and assembly. This crane has a wide range of applications and flexibility that is second to none for a crane of its size, thanks to its modular counterweight system and a variety of boom configurations.

The Liebherr LR1400 SX is very easy to transport between jobsites, with a compact weight of only 46 US Tons. The crane’s platform and railings remain attached to the upper carriage during transportation. When disassembled, this crawler has a compact transport maximum width of 9.8 ft, which permits cost-effective transportation with standard low loaders. The connecting pieces of the luffing jib can also be transported in the connecting pieces of the main boom to save space, resulting in fewer transport vehicles required.

This crane is equipped with a self-assembly system, a gradient travel aid for increased safety when moving on uneven terrain, and an integrated crane application planner. A ground pressure visualization calculates the current ground pressure of the crane in real time and compares it with the specified safety limits of the relevant position, and much more. Liebherr crawler cranes are designed with safety as a top priority, and their innovative technology is combined with many benefits for efficiency, operator comfort, and optimal job site performance.

The LR 1400 SX offers plenty of benefits for a crane operator, with direct access to the cabin via folding steps, a modern air-conditioning system with improved airflow, an optimized field of vision, increased noise protection, and an orthopedic operator’s seat with integrated heating and cooling.

Crane Specs:

  • Max. load capacity 440 US tons
  • Max. main boom length 282 ft
  • Max. hoist height 566 ft
  • Max. radius 407 ft

The LR 1400 SX is equipped with a powerful 450 kW Liebherr diesel engine – the most powerful engine in its class. The crawlers are now equipped with four drive motors, making it easier to maneuver on construction sites with difficult ground conditions.

If you are interested in learning more about the Liebherr LR 1400 SX, please contact one of Bigge’s sales professionals at 1 (888) 897-2444.