Liebherr LRT 1130-2.1

Rough Terrain Crane Information

Max Cap 140 US Tons
Engine Cummins
Boom 38-197 ft

Liebherr LRT 1130-2.1 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Liebherr LRT 1130−2.1 is a powerful and versatile rough-terrain crane designed for heavy lifting operations in demanding environments. With a maximum lifting capacity of 140 tons and a boom length of up to 197 feet, this crane is capable of handling a wide range of lifting tasks.

The LRT 1130−2.1 is equipped with a state-of-the-art hydraulic system that allows for smooth and precise operation, ensuring maximum control and safety during lifting operations. It features a compact and robust design that enables it to maneuver through tight spaces and operate in challenging terrain conditions.

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