Liebherr MK 88

All-Terrain Crane Information

Max Cap 8.8 US Tons
Boom 59-99 ft

Liebherr MK 88 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Liebherr MK 88 is an all-terrain mobile construction crane with a maximum lift capacity of 8.8 tons. The max hook height at the luffed position is 193 feet.

The MK 88 has the maneuverability of an all-terrain crane, but the reach and ability of a tower crane. This gives the MK 88 the edge in lifting in inner city situations over mobile cranes and tower cranes. The turning radius of the MK 88 is only 39 feet, less than a conventional mid-range vehicle. The low emission drive units are quieter than other drive units in the class, and therefore are perfect for operations that need to take place during night in populated areas, especially in the city.

The MK 88 is also a powerhouse in the city or populated areas because the crane can reach its full lifting capacity at half height. This allows for the MK 88 to operate underneath voltage cables and restricted height clearances. The engine is a 6 cylinder, turbo diesel, 408 horsepower workhorse. This engine paired with the 12 speed ZF-TRONIC transmission push the MK 88 to the top of its class.

The wind load controller keeps the jib in place when wind picks up. This keeps the job safe and also saves time waiting for the wind to die down to complete the job. The lift cab can be moved up and down the tower section to allow for the operator to see the lift clearly.

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