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Link-Belt 298HSL

​The Link-Belt 298HSL is a hydraulic crawler crane with a max lift capacity of 226.8 metric tons (250 U.S. ton). It features a basic boom with a maximum length of 18.28m (60 ft.) and a boom hoist limit system limits maximum boom angle operation. The system comes standard with hydraulic tubular boom backstops. It also has a luffing boom that is 57.91m (190 ft.) with a common base and extensions as open throat boom. The 298HSL has two jibs, a two-piece design tube jib that extends up to 27.43m (90 ft.) and a six-piece design luffing jib that reaches out 60.96m (200 ft.). Optional inserts and extensions are available as well.

The 298HSL is equipped with a Mitsubishi 6M70-TL, 6 cylinder engine that produces 362 hp and has 134 gal fuel tank. The carbody is composed of all welded steel with precision machined surfaces for mating parts. Two hoist drums come with the 298HSL and an optional front mounted third hoist drum. Each drum contains an axial piston and a variable speed hydraulic motor with an individual automatic winch motor brake. The drums have an optional free-fall operation mode which is designed to prevent load lowering even if the free-fall switch is accidentally activated.

The cab is a fully enclosed modular steel compartment is independently mounted and insulated to protect against vibration and noise. There are drum rotation indicators for front and rear hoist drums along with an engine instrumentation panel. The HSL rated capacity limiter system is a boom hoist load cell system, it provides the operator with useful geometrical data.

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Maximum Lift Capacity 250 tons
Maximum Boom Length 60 feet
Maximum Jib Length 200 feet

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