Link-Belt 348 HYLAB 5

Crawler Crane Information

Max Cap 300 US Tons
Boom 70-300 ft
Luffing Jib Available

Link-Belt 348 HYLAB 5 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Link-Belt 348 HYLAB 5 is a crawler crane with a maximum lift capacity of 300 tons. The maximum boom length is 355 feet and the maximum jib length is 240 feet.

Powering the Link-Belt 348 HYLAB 5 is a Mitsubishi 6m70-TL. This engine has full pressure lubrication, an electric control shutdown, and is rated at 365 horsepower. The counterweight system is made up of 13 parts. By dividing the system into so many parts, it is possible to only ship the weight needed to complete each job. This saves money in shipping and time when assembling on the jobsite. The cab of the Link-Belt 348 HYLAB 5 offers safety and comfort features for the operator and others on the jobsite. A rated capacity limiter, tinted safety glass, and a fire extinguisher keep the operator and others safe and air conditioning and controllable seating allow for the operator to remain comfortable.

The hydraulic system of the 348 HYLAB 5 is designed for precise and accurate control of every movement of the crane. The system is composed of an array of fixed and variable displacement pumps powering the load hoist drum, swing motor, remote control valves, swing motor and counterweight system. A fine inching mode is included in the pump system allowing for slow movement in the load hoist drums, boom hoist drums, and the travel allowing for even more precise controlling.

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