Link-Belt HTC-86110

Truck Crane Information

Link-Belt HTC-86110 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Link-Belt HTC-86110 is a hydraulic truck crane with a maximum lift capacity of 110 tons. It has a maximum boom length of 164.1 feet and a maximum jib length of 58 feet.

The boom is a six section formed boom made of extra high tensile steel. One base section and 5 telescoping sections have multiple longitudinal bends for superior strength. These bends are possible by the two plate design. One double acting single stage hydraulic cylinder allows for each telescoping section to extend independently. The boom wear pads come with Tefgallon inserts that self-lubricate the boom, and the top and bottom wear pads are universal for all boom sections. The boom head is made up of 5 sheaves to increase the power and strength of the boom.

The hydraulic system is made up of three fixed displacement gear pumps that operate the automatic disconnect for the main and auxiliary winches, swing, boom hoist, control circuit, and telescope. One fixed displacement gear pump aids steering, two fixed displacement gear pumps aid the engine cooling fan, the front bumper, and the main outriggers.

The cab of the Link-Belt HTC-86110 is outfitted with all of the most demanded features in safety and comfort. Air conditioning, ergonomically designed controls, and radio are just a few of the features added to increase the comfort of the operator. Pulse is the operating system of the HTC-86110 and runs multiple programs, such as a rated capacity limiter, which keeps the crane operating efficiently and safely.

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