Link-Belt LS-308H II

Crawler Crane Information

Max Cap 110 US Tons
Boom 50-160 ft
Luffing Jib N/A

Link-Belt LS-308H II Crane Overview and Specifications

The Link-Belt LS-308H II lattice boom crawler crane features a two – piece design angle boom with a maximum length of 48.77m (160 ft.) and comes standard with a mechanical boom angle indicator and tubular boom backstops. A boom hoist limit system limits maximum boom angle operation. A tubular jib extends up to 22.86m (75 ft.) The LS-308H II has a max lift capacity of 99.79 metric tons (110 U.S. ton). Optional inserts are available.

The LS-308 II is equipped with a powerhouse Mitsubishi 6D24 – TLA2E, 6 cylinder engine that produces 332 . The engine uses high flows and plenty of reserve power to operate auxiliary hydraulic demands. The carbody is composed of welded steel with precision machined surfaces for mating parts. The main hydraulic system has a separate cooler and hydraulically-driven fan. Cooler hydraulics makes it easier to maintain the machine, making it longer lasting. Two drums come with the LS-308H II, a load hoist drum, boom hoist drum, and an optional front mounted third hoist drum. Each drum contains a pilot controlled, bi – directional, axial piston motor and a planetary gear reduction unit to provide positive control under all load conditions.

The cab is a fully enclosed modular steel compartment that is independently mounted and insulated to protect against vibration and noise. There are drum rotation indicators for front and rear hoist drums along with an engine instrumentation panel. The Link-Belt LS-308H II is easy to assemble due to transport lifting sheaves in base section for self-assembly/disassembly. Counterweights are hydraulically installed, coupled and track quick disconnects can attach in minutes without tools making it more efficient.

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