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Link-Belt RTC-8065

The Link-Belt RTC-8065 is a rough terrain crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 65 tons. The maximum boom length is 115 feet and the maximum jib length is 61 feet.

The RTC-8065 has a four section full power boom. The boom has two modes, the basic mode, and the A-max mode. In A-max mode, the inner mid-section is the only section that moves. This offers increased maximum lifting capacities for close lifts. Side plates in the boom are diamond shaped, allowing for superior strength, and the telescoping sections are fitted with wear pads.

The hydraulic system is made up of a four section gear type pump operating at 3500 psi. The system is mounted on the torque converter and powered by an engine through a pump disconnect. The steering system has 3 modes of steering, two wheel, four wheel, and crab steering. All modes are controlled by the steering wheel and the modes can be changed by a toggle switch on the dashboard.

The outrigger system is made up of four hydraulic and telescoping beam and jack outriggers. The outriggers can operate in three different positions, allowing for added versatility. The steering system is hydraulically controlled with three different driving modes fully controlled by a steering wheel and able to toggle by a switch on the dash. The transmission system has 6 forward speed and one reverse speed.

The cab of the RTC-8065 has adjustable seating and controls to keep the operator comfortable. A rated graphical limiter paired with cab mounter work lights and other features keep the operator and others on the jobsite safe. If you would like more information on the RTC-8065, please contact one of Bigge’s sales professionals. ​


Maximum Lift Capacity 65 tons
Maximum Boom Length 115 feet
Maximum Jib Length 61 feet

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2006 Link-Belt RTC-8065
65.00 115 33-58 $155,000
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