Link-Belt RTC-8090 Series II

Rough Terrain Crane Information

Link-Belt RTC-8090 Series II Crane Overview and Specifications

Official Manufacturer Model Name: Link-Belt RTC-8090 Series II

The Link-Belt RTC-8090 Series II is a rough terrain crane, built for remarkable control, reliability, and capacity performance on any terrain. Powered by a hydraulic system for greater productivity and control, the five-pump hydraulic circuit allows simultaneous function of boom hoist, winch and swing to maximize efficiency.

The RTC-8090 Series II has a max. lifting capacity of 80 metric tons (90 U.S. tons). The max. length for the full power latching boom is 42.7 (140 ft), comprised of five sections, with quick reeve boom head and 3 extend modes. Optional extensions are possible upon inquiry. The max. tip height is 72.5 m (238 ft).

The crane features a high-power Cummins QSL Tier4 6 cylinder diesel engine with a 110-gallon fuel tank, pushing 270 HP. The powershift transmission is a three-speed with high/​low range for 6 forward and 6 reverse gears. Front axle disconnect for two or four-wheel drive. Front axle disconnects in high range. The steering has four independent modes consisting of two-wheel front, two-wheel rear, four-wheel, and crab. Each mode is controlled from the steering wheel and is selected by a switch in the operator’s cab

The crane uses a hydraulic pump system, the pump arrangement is designed to provide hydraulically powered functions allowing positive, precise control with independent or simultaneous operation of all crane functions. All hoist motors are equipped with counterbalance valves to provide positive load lowering and prevent accidental load drop if the hydraulic pressure is suddenly lost. Two winches, main and auxiliary operate on an axial piston, full and half displacement (2‑speed) motors driven through planetary reduction unit for positive control under all load conditions.

The cab has an ergonomic design and fully enclosed steel structure with acoustical insulation giving the operator comfort for those long working hours. A camera operated system on the dashboard for added security. The operating system is Link-Belt Pulse, designed as a total crane operating system. It includes the rated capacity limiter, boom extend mode controller (EMC), self-diagnostic capabilities and continuous monitoring of multiple crane functions and conditions.

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