Maeda MC405

Mini Crane Information

Maeda MC405 Crane Overview and Specifications

Maeda’s MC405 is a mini crawler crane with a maximum lift height of 67 feet and 10 inches. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 4.24 tons and a body width of 4 feet and 7 inches.

The MC405 is powered by a Yanmar 3‑cylinder water cooled engine. A 7.5 kW 380V electric motor is also available for an additional charge. The crane includes an energy saving system to use less gas and/​or electricity, saving you money. The MC405 is also outfitted with a hydrostatic transmission.

The five-section boom is fully automatic. It has a maximum angle of 80 degrees and a minimum angle of 0 degrees. The MC405 can carry up to 1100 pounds while moving. There is also an option for an even stronger hook that allows the MC405 to carry up to 1873 pounds. Maeda also offers an optional fly jib which can add an additional 14 feet to the maximum height of the crane.

The crane can be controlled remotely. This limits safety issues and allows the crane to go places that it couldn’t with a traditional operator. Load indicator and moment limiter system come standard with the MC405. The spider leg style outriggers allow for the crane to enter smaller spaces than other similar mini crawlers.

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