Manitex 3051T

Boom Truck Information

Max Cap 30 US Tons
Boom 21-51 ft

Manitex 3051T Crane Overview and Specifications

Official Manufacturer Model Name: 3051 T

The Manitex 3015T is a telescopic boom truck crane, this particular truck is a 2019 Manitex 3051T mounted to 2020 Kenworth T880 chassis great for moving to multiple job sites. Durable, strong, and versatile this boom truck can get it done.

The 30151T has a max. lift of 27.3 metric tons (30 US tons ). The boom is made of a 4 section boom with a max. boom length of 30.48 m (100 ft) and with the jib extension, it can go up to 44.5 m (146 ft). Optional free swing or no free swing is available. Standard is an anti-two block system.

Equipped with outriggers for better support and balance when lifting heavy items. They have radio remote outrigger controls with audible outrigger and motion alarm. Equipped with double-acting hydraulic cylinders, large pivoting pads, and audible alerts when outriggers/​stabilizers are in motion.

The crane cabin has windows all around making it easier for the operator to see his surroundings. Inside the cabin, the operator stations are equipped with engine start/​stop, foot throttle, signal horn, boom angle indicator, load chart, and range diagram. Standard is a load moment indicator with digital display, CAN bus, overload shutdown, and internal boom length cable.

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