Manitowoc 111

Crawler Crane Information

Max Cap 80 US Tons
Boom 40-190 ft
Luffing Jib N/A

Manitowoc 111 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Manitowoc 111 hydraulic crawler crane has a maximum lift capacity of 73 tons (80 U.S. tons). It is equipped with a heavy lift main boom with a maximum length of 57,9m (190 ft.) which also includes boom angle indicator, pendant rigging, cushioned boom stops, and automatic boom hoist stop. A fixed jib extends up to 70,1m (230 ft.) Optional inserts are available as well. An integrated Load Moment Indicator system (LMI) is standard for main boom, upper boom point, and fixed jib.

The Manitowoc 111 features a Cummins 6CT8.3 diesel, 6 cylinder engine which produces 153 kW (205 B) @ 2200 governed , and a single diesel fuel tank that holds 90 with level indicator in operator’s cab. The carbody is composed of fabricated steel with wide flange wings for mounting crawler side frames. The hydraulic system uses six high-pressure piston pumps driven through a multi-hydraulic pump transmission that power for front drum, rear drum, boom hoist system, swing system, and both left and right crawler operation.

The controls of the crane use EPIC (Electronic Processed Independent Controls) system providing microprocessor driven control logic, pump control, on-board diagnostics, and service information. Two identical winches come with the Manitowoc 111 are driven by independent variable displacement axial piston hydraulic motors through planetary reduction mounted on separate front and rear shafts with anti-friction bearings.

The cab is fully enclosed with an insulated steel module mounted to the left front corner of rotating bed. Module is equipped with sliding door, large safety glass windows on all sides and roof. The Manitowoc 111 is fast and self-assembly is efficient, the complete crane, maximum boom, fixed jib and counterweight ships on only 3 trucks.

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