Manitowoc 3900W SII

Crawler Crane Information

Max Cap 140 US Tons
Boom 30-250 ft
Luffing Jib N/A

Manitowoc 3900W SII Crane Overview and Specifications

The Manitowoc 3900W SII is a crawler crane with a maximum lift capacity of 127 metric tons (140 U.S. tons). It’s boom is 76m long (250 ft.), made of all welded construction with inverted-angle chords and tubular lacing. A variety of inserts that have pendants & rope guides are optional for the boom. For safety the boom comes standard with automatic boom stop and telescopic boom stop. This Manitowoc crawler comes with two optional jibs, with a basic length of 9m (30 ft.) but can extend to 18m (60 ft.) with 10’ inserts. The jib lifting capacity is dependent on various boom lengths and is best to consult charts for specific capacity.

The carbody of the crane is composed of a single piece with integral side wings which allow the crawlers to be extended or retracted. The side wings transmit loads directly to crawler side frames, eliminating axles and providing lower center of gravity. The 3900W SII features a high-power 6 cylinder Cummins NT-855-C310 engine that puts out 287 @ 2000 . The transmission is powered by VICON which provides stepless variable power transmission for major machine functions. This crane comes with a main drive shaft, independent swing shaft with swing lock, and split drum shaft assembly.

The operator’s station is fully enclosed with safety glass windows which provide wide angle view. Power plant radiator shutter and ladder to the roof is provided. Catwalks and railings on both sides of cab are optional. Modulating air controls engage boom hoist, main drive shaft clutches and drum clutches.

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