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Manitowoc 4000W

​The Manitowoc 4000W crawler crane has a lift capacity of 260 tons and a boom with a maximum length of 42m (140 ft.). The boom is made of all welded steel construction with inverted-angle chords and tubular lacings. For safety the boom comes with an automatic boom stop, pantograph boom stop, and telescopic boom stop. It also comes with two 30 foot jib attachments. The boom and jibs of the crane can extend further by inserting bearing sheaves.

The 4000W is also equipped with 24’ extendable crawlers, 48” treads, and a four part counterweight system with just over 104,000 pounds of counterweight. The 4000W features a high-power Cummins NS·743·B320 6 cylinder 290 horsepower diesel engine. A single diesel fuel tank holds 210 gallons to ensure high efficiency and long working hours. The engine comes with power transmission control, along with a three stage torque converter that drives all machinery components. Speed and power output is controlled by the hand/foot throttle.

The crawlers are controlled by various operating control handles, allowing for a variety of traveling actions and fast traveling speed; which allow the crane to drive up 30% grade terrain. The Manitowoc 4000W also comes with an independent boom hoist which comes standard with clutch shaft, worm gear and wheel, dual boom hoist drums, brake, and an auxiliary brake. It is ANSI certified.

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Maximum Lift Capacity 260 tons
Maximum Boom Length 140 feet
Maximum Jib Length 30 feet

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