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Manitowoc 4600 Series 4

The Manitowoc 4600 Series 4 dragline crawler crane has a No. 27B boom with a maximum length of 94m (310 ft.). For safety, the boom comes with an automatic boom stop and telescopic boom stop. It is also equipped with a No. 125 jib that extends to 24m (80 ft.) with a lifting capacity of 39 metric tons (44 U.S. tons). Also standard is a platform ringer with a 18m (60 ft) diameter that comes with 4 segments with wear plates, which and can be mounted in different ways. The fixed mount eliminates the need for ring side beams, only a king pin support is required. It can also be mobile and be mounted on a crawler to provide the mobility.

The 4600 Series 4 features a high-power Cummins VTA·1710·C700 Diesel, 12 cylinder engine, powering out 685 HP @ 2,000 RPM. A single diesel fuel tank holds 840 gal to ensure high efficiency and long working hours. The carbody is composed of a one-piece, ribbed steel fabrication with integral side wings. Side wings transmit loads directly to crawler side frames, eliminating axles and providing lower center of gravity. Drum control levers are a combination of clutch and converter controls. Front and rear drum assemblies have heat-treated alloy steel drum shafts with antifriction bearing mountings.

The cab is a fully enclosed and insulated steel module with large safety glass windows. The 4600 Series 4 uses graduated air controls for main functions and utilizes VICON~ system on front and rear drums. Drum rotation indicators are standard for boom hoist and front and rear drums.

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Maximum Lift Capacity 44 tons
Maximum Boom Length 310 feet
Maximum Jib Length 80 feet

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