Tadano Mantis GTC-700

Telecrawler Information

Tadano Mantis GTC-700

Max Cap 70 US Tons
Boom 38-118 ft

The Mantis GTC-700 by Tadano is a tele-boom crawler crane that has advanced technology and incredible mechanical features. Made with massive steel fabrications with diesel engines and state-of-the-art hydraulics, this crane can get the job done. For better job site management Mantis has incorporated telematics capabilities using machine data logging and monitoring system with HELLO-NET, accessible via the Internet. 

The GTC telescopic boom crawler cranes series come with OPTI-WIDTH, an asymmetrical track positioning system which gives the crane significant lifting capacity enhancements when compared to those for symmetrical tracks. Standard is a load moment indicator and anti-two block system with graphic displays and audio-visual warning and control lever lockout. It provides an electronic display of boom angle, length, radius, tip height, relative load moment, max. Permissible laid, load indication, and warning of impending two-block condition.

The Tadano GTC-700 has a maximum lifting capacity of 63 metric tons (70 US tons). The max. boom length is 36 m (118.1 ft). The boom is a 4‑section full power telescoping boom with 2 extension modes. The system consists of two double-acting hydraulic cylinders with load holding valves and extension and retraction cables. The swing is a gear motor driving a planetary gear reducer with a shaft-mounted pinion, external gear shear ball slew bearing bolted to the superstructure and the car body allows the superstructure to rotate 360°. 

The hydraulic system uses a hydraulic pump, two high pressure, variable axial piston pumps with load sense and power limiting control for crane functions. One axial piston pump for swing function. One gear pump for a cooling loop. Each side frame contains a pilot controlled, two-speed track drive with hydraulic axial piston motor and parking brake. The travel system provides skid steering and counter-rotation. Two welded steel side frames are paired with a track group. The side frames extend and retract hydraulically and are controlled from the cab. Each side frame contains a pilot controlled, two-speed track drive with hydraulic axial piston motor and parking brake. The travel system provides skid steering and counter-rotation. 

The frame is an all-steel, welded structure, precision machined to accept attachment of the boom and swing components. Equipped with a turbocharged Cummins B6.7, 6‑cylinder engine, this crane is dependable and long-lasting. The GTC-700 has a main winch and auxiliary winch, with a planetary geared two-speed winch includes a hydraulic motor, multidisc internal brake and counterbalance valve. A drum rotation indicator is included. 

The operator’s cab is a fully-enclosed, air-conditioned all-steel modular cab with a lockable sliding door, acoustical lining, anti-slip floor, and tinted safety glass. The cabin can tilt up to 20° for improved vision when operating. There’s a four-way electronic armrest mounted joysticks control swing, main winch, auxiliary winch, boom hoist, and boom extend. Foot pedals control the travel and swing service brake functions. The swing brake pedal is hydraulic. Rearview cameras are appropriately located as are three remote control work lights. 

For additional information about optional equipment/​features regarding the Mantis GTC-700, please contact us for details. Our Bigge representatives are on standby for any assistance or questions.