Merlo Roto 70.28S Plus

Telehandler Information

Merlo Roto 70.28S Plus

Max Cap 7.7 US Tons
Boom 18-76 ft
Engine Iveco

The Merlo Roto 70.28 S Plus isn’t your typical Merlo Telehandler with a maximum load capacity of 15,400lbs, and a maximum lift height of 91ft, and a maximum reach of 76ft 1in shows that this is one of the cranes Merlo designed to handle their heavier lifts.

At the maximum lift height, the 70.28 S Plus can hold 6,600lbs, and at its maximum reach, it can lift 1,800lbs.

With its smaller sized frame, the Merlo Roto 70.28 S Plus is perfect for jobs requiring heavy lifts in challenging job sites as its small frame makes it ideal for maneuvering around tight workspaces.

For more information on the Merlo Roto 70.28 S Plus, please call us at (510) 639‑4041, and one of our crane specialists will be able to help.