Peiner SK 452

Tower Crane Information

Peiner SK 452 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Terex/​Peiner SK 452 is a hammerhead tower crane with a maximum jib length of 262 feet. The maximum capacity at maximum jib length is 2.75 U.S. tons and its overall maximum lifting capacity is 22 U.S. tons.

The SK 452 was designed because of the massive success of the SK 415. The team that designed the 452 took all the praise and criticism of the 415 and made the 452 to meet the needs of the customers. One of the most requested changes was to improve the winch system.

The winch system on the SK 452 has a maximum hoisting speed of 623 feet per minute and a drum capacity of 3248 feet. With this large of a drum paired with a super-fast hoist speed, the SK 452 is extremely efficient with its time, saving more money on the job site. The trolley speeds of the SK 452 are also some of the best in its class at 312 feet per minute.

The cabin of the Terex/​Piener SK 452 comes fully equipped with ergonomic controls with customizable functions and an ability to control the cameras in the cab, a full color display, operator profiles that allow different operators to set speeds to their specific needs, and many other features.

While the cabin is full of features to control the crane, important information can be accessed remotely. Information able to be collected includes working hours, current and historical crane data, alarm history, and more.

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