Peiner SK 565

Tower Crane Information

Peiner SK 565

Max Cap 35.3 US Tons

The Peiner SK565 is a powerful tower crane. It has a max lift capacity of 35 tons (32 t), a mast length of 230 ft. (70 m), and a max jib length of 267 ft. (81 m).

It features a spacious cab that comes standard with several operator-friendly items like a comfortable operator’s seat, an air conditioning and heating system, floodlights, ergonomically designed crane controls, windshield wipers, a host of safety features, and a bunch of safety systems to minimize worksite accidents. A laptop and mobile phone can be directly connected to the Peiner SK565’s communication port, significantly improving the speeds at which data can be transferred and analyzed.

The hoist system comes standard with a four-speed gearbox, remote controlled gear shifting, and an Eddy current brake. There is also a passenger lift for the operator.

As impressive as this tower crane is, its capabilities can be stretched even further by using optional components. To find out more about the Peiner SK565 and its optional features, give us a call at (510) 639‑4041, and we will cheerfully answer all your questions.