Peiner SK 575-32

Tower Crane Information

Peiner SK 575-32

Max Cap 35.3 US Tons


Official manufacturer model name: Peiner SK 575 – 32 

The Terex/​Peiner SK 575 – 32 is the largest and strongest hammerhead crane from the SK series. This tower crane has a maximum lift capacity of 32 metric tons (35.3 U.S. tons). The maximum length that the jib extends to is 80 m (263 ft.). The lifting capacity while at maximum jib length is 3.9 metric tons (4.3 U.S. tons). The crane has multiple operational jib and tower configurations which can be set at different lengths with optional mast inserts. 

The SK 575 – 32 can be set up using a concrete foundation or an undercarriage tower base. Some other configurations are possible by using a bottom climbing structure or a tied in structure configuration for more support. Transfer mats can be used to combine elements of different cranes, to suit the exact demand of each job.

The SK 575 – 32 comes equipped with the EVO15 CAB. Its new design inside and outside increases visibility and operator comfort as well as simple to use controls. The joystick controls offer smooth control of all operations which gives full oversight despite height or the weather conditions. New ergonomics and cabin ambience reduce fatigue and promote productivity and safety operation. This hammerhead crane is well suited for heavy lifting and placement duties on most challenging jobsites. 

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