Peiner SN 406

Tower Crane Information

Peiner SN 406 Crane Overview and Specifications

Official Manufacturer Model Name: Peiner SN406

The Peiner SN406 is a versatile tower crane that is easy to package, transport and erect. It has a max lift capacity of 22 tons (20 t), a mast length of 100 ft. (30 m), and a max jib length of 197 ft. (60 m). It comes standard with a fully equipped cab that will keep operators happy. Items in the cab include: climate control, a comfortable seat, floodlights, ergonomically designed crane controls, visual displays that help the operator make informed decisions, and a host of safety systems to keep jobsite accidents to a minimum.

The Peiner SN406’s capabilities can be stretched even further with optional features that are designed to improve the safety, comfort, and performance of this crane.

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