Potain Igo 15

Tower Crane Information

Potain Igo 15

Max Cap 2 US Tons
Engine IEC 60204-32
Winches 1

The Potain Igo 15 is one of Potain’s lower capacity tower cranes; although it is the lower capacity, it doesn’t take away from the machine’s full capabilities. The Igo 15 has a maximum jib length of 72.2ft, a maximum hook height of 62.3ft, and a maximum capacity at its total reach of 0.8USt, making this self-erecting crane perfect for smaller-scale jobs that require a tower crane.

Its compact size allows the crane to be easily transported to and from job sites and provides a quick but safe erection.

Bigge’s sales professionals can answer any question about this tower crane and can be reached by email or by phone at (510) 639‑4041.