Potain Igo T 130

Tower Crane Information

Max Cap 8.8 US Tons
Winches 2

Potain Igo T 130 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Potain Igo T 130 hydraulic tower crane is the largest crane in the self-erecting Potain range yet it offers the most flexibility in configuration. The crane has a max lift capacity of 8 tons (8.8 U.S. tons). The height of the telescopic lattice mast can reach up to 37.3 m (122 ft) and move 360 ̊ during raising sequence. A max. hook height with horizontal jib reaches out to 37.3 m (122 ft), a max, hook height 61 m (200 ft) with 50 m (164 ft) jib set at 30°.The operating hook radius of the crane works within a 50 m (164 ft). The crane has multiple operational jib configurations and mast can be set at different lengths with optional mast inserts.

The Igo T 130 uses a 480 volt system and comes with Power Control which allows for a reduction in power supply for a proportional reduction in hoisting speed. The crane can be operated via a wireless remote, battery charger and extra battery are provided with crane. Ballast requirement for the crane consists of, at minimum, eleven (11) slabs each weighing 4.05 tons (4.4 U.S. tons). An additional slab is required in some raised jib configurations.

The crane comes equipped with SmartCom, an embedded control system in CAN bus network that is located in the control panel. This electronic system offers many controls and processes making putting the crane into service, as well as controlling the safety devices easier. This crane comes with UL/CSA listed components in the main electrical panel. With a single trailer transport and a folding jib, the Igo T 130 fits in easily among even the tightest jobsite constraints. Safety is always a priority therefore, the crane comes standard with an anemometer, lights and buzzers to alert the operator when nearing limits of operation.

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