Potain Igo T 70

Tower Crane Information

Potain Igo T 70 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Potain Igo T 70 is a hydraulic tower crane is an improved version from its previous model. The crane has a max lift capacity of 4 tons (4.4 U.S. tons), a max. hook height with horizontal jib reaches out to 35 m (115 ft), a max hook height with jib set at 30 ̊extends to 44.5 m (146 ft) and the has multiple operational jib configurations. The operating hook radius of the crane works within a 40 m (131 ft.). The height of the mast can reach up to 35 m (115 ft.) with optional mast inserts and move 360 ̊ during raising sequence.

The Igo T 70 A uses a 480 volt three phase power hookup with an earth rod and electric cable stowed on the crane during transport. The crane can be operated with a wireless remote control which displays easy to read information on the screen. Lights and buzzers alert the operator when nearing limits of operation. An auxiliary remote is attached by tethered cord to ensure continual operation in case of battery or other malfunction of the wireless remote control.

The Igo T 70 A has SmartCom embedded in the control system which works with a CAN bus network located in the control panel. SmartCom offers various functionalities which make putting the crane into service, as well as controlling the safety devices, faster and easier and makes crane maintenance easier than ever. The Potain Igo T 70 A has two cab options available, the Ultra View cab is equipped with integrated controls and provides maximum operator comforts; the Cab 800 provides operators with an aerial view and offers basic comforts.

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