Potain MDT 139

Tower Crane Information

Potain MDT 139 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Potain MDT 139 is part of MDT CCS City Range cranes that have been redesigned using the latest technology and machinery to ensure better performance. This tower crane that has a max lift capacity of 6 metric tons (6.6 U.S. tons), with a maximum hook height with horizontal jib reaches out to 55 m (180.4 ft). The height of the lattice mast reaches out to 56.3 m (184.7 ft). Compared to the MDT 189, the MDT139 Jib configuration can be changed in the air during evolution of sites. Due to the smaller overall height, the crane can be erected during operations at a reduced height making it Easier overflying obstacles on site.

The Potain MDT 139 uses a 480 volt system that comes equipped with power limiter functionality making it possible to supply power to the winch and reduce the power required by the crane, providing flexibility on the jobsite and saves energy. The cab-mast is a single, compact section, a dual-function guardrail protects the cab during transportation. The electrical cables are all centralized in the tube of the cab-mast. The CCS constantly controls and monitors all crane movements and structural stresses in real time using a superior redundant sensor design.

The MDT 139 comes with the Ultra View cab, which is ergonomically designed for reduced operator fatigue and increased productivity on the work site. The operator can monitor the maintenance screen from the crane cab as well. The crane is equipped with zone/​interference control system which controls working zones and interference between cranes. MDT CCS City Range cranes offer simplified installation to reduce the time needed to put the crane in service. Crane sections are compact and can be folded for easy transport to the jobsite.

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