Potain MDT 219 J8

Tower Crane Information

Max Cap 8.8 US Tons
Winches 2

Potain MDT 219 J8 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Potain MDT219 J8 is part of a new series, Potain MDT CCS City Range cranes help you get more work done faster and with greater precision. This tower crane has a max lift capacity of 8 metric tons (8.8 U.S. tons), with a maximum hook height that reaches 65 m (213 ft). The height of the lattice mast reaches out to 70.4 m (231 ft). There is a jib counterbalance needed for the crane when carrying heavier loads at higher altitudes. The Potain MDT219 J8 uses a 480 volt system that comes equipped with power limiter functionality making it possible to supply power to the winch and reduce the power required by the crane, providing flexibility on the jobsite and saves energy. The MDT219 J8 comes with the Ultra View cab. It takes comfort, ergonomics and functionality to new heights. The new design maximizes all of the features of the new Manitowoc Crane Control System. Operator customization mode allows the operator to control the speed and dynamism of the crane motions. The CCS provides detailed information and analysis on the crane which maximizes lifting capacities and provides more flexibility on the job site. The MDT219 J8 also has safety integrated into its build. The crane comes with a zone control system integrated in the CCS, top site creates a forbidden area for added safety on the jobsite. A crane configuration optimizer provides a calculation of each mast composition and base ballast definition for each jib length or combination. This allows adaptation to the job site and maximizes transportation and logistics.

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