Potain MDT 412-L20

Tower Crane Information

Potain MDT 412-L20 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Potain MDT 412-L20 is a topless tower crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 20 metric tons (22 U.S. tons). The jib can extend to 74.9 m (251 ft.) and the height of the mast reaches up to 41.5 m (246 ft.). The MDT 412-L20 can lift up to 2.7 metric tons (3 U.S. tons) while at its maximum length. The crane is equipped with a ballast-counter jib which varies in weight depending on the hook height and weight load.

The MDT 412-L20 is a stationary freestanding crane and can be set up using an undercarriage or concrete foundation. If installing using a concrete foundation then the crane foundation parts used are the P800A & the P850A, when using an undercarriage the the parts used are a Y800A & a J850A. The crane uses a 480 volt system to power the hydraulic system and has 3 different hoists. While carrying a load, there are 4 different gear speeds at which the crane operates. This Potain tower crane uses a SM-DM trolley system, the ropes vary in length depending on what hoist is being used.

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