Potain MR 405 B H24

Tower Crane Information

Potain MR 405 B H24 Crane Overview and Specifications

Official Manufacturer Model Name: Potain MR 405 B H24

The Potain MR 405 B H24 is a top-slewing crane with near-vertical luffing capability. This tower crane has a max lift capacity of 24 metric tons (26.45 U.S. tons). The main boom length reaches out to 60 m (196.85 ft) and max. lift height is up to 89.4 m (293.30 ft). MR model crane bases are interchangeable with MD and MDT cranes bases. This allows several installation options including internal and external climbing for high-rise construction sites.

The MR 405 B H24 operates using a 400 kVA connection and uses a (1) 90 LBR : 136 kVA hoist drive system. The slewing drive on this crane is an R — 8,8 which gives it excellent maneuverability and high precision. A hoist winch (90 LBR) and luffing winch (62 VBR) come standard with the crane.

The Potain MR 405 B H24 comes with the Ultra View cabin, designed to allow the operator to work in comfort, reduce fatigue, and a lot more visibility. The controls are a new ergonomic joystick for precise maneuvering of loads. You can track the productivity, security, and performance of your equipment virtually anywhere with CraneStar which comes standard.

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