Potain MR 615

Tower Crane Information

Potain MR 615 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Potain MR 615 is a luffing jib tower crane with a maximum lift capacity of 35.3 USt, jib radius of 197 ft and a maximum capacity of 9.1 USt at max radius. The MR 615 does come with an internal and external climbing with the K mast and a single-part line speed of 787 fpm.

The MR 615 does come with a standard 98 ft jib which can be increased in 33 crements to assist with it getting to its maximum reach. This type of maneuverability is pivotal for restrictive jobsites, which is why the MR 615 was built so it is able to be luffed from 15 degrees – 85 degrees. The vision cab of the MR 615, V140SR, comes with all of the standard features of the V140S but comes with the addition of a guarded glass window on the ceiling for excellent visibility for a tower crane with a luffing jib.

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